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Who is Arie Little?

Arie Little began her music career at the age of 8 and later began to take on film roles in 2019. In 2019 she also released her first single titled Posh Kid. Later that year she began working on her first studio album (Arie Little Do it Big) which was released in early 2020. She wanted her first project to be a reflection of what she has seen some kids experience and the bullying she has also experienced. Arie has a passion for showing support for children who are experiencing mental health issues. Through her social media presence and community service she has garnered a following and show of support.

She was a contestant on Ms. T’s Music Factory Season 1, Performed at the 7th Annual Memphis Hip Hop Awards and the 18th Annual SEA Awards. Interview with Icon Academy and the The Critical Radio Station, She has a Starring role in newly released Film, Why Me. Arie has been nominated for the Rising Star award at the 4th Annual Down For the Underground Awards. Her upcoming live performances include the Famous Amos Stop the Violence Fest and 2022 Juneteenth Festival. She can also be heard on the following radio stations: 97.9 The beat, 94.3 WBAD, 101.5 Star, 101.7 Star, 104.3 WGNL, and internet radio J Kristyle Indie Radio.

Arie is currently planning to headline a major tour, land more lead acting roles, and launch her own sneaker through upcoming brand collaborations.

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